ABC Mouse

Free Licenses for the Award-Winning ABC Mouse Online Learning Platform

for families with children ages 2-5 in the San Bernardino City Unified School District

Five minutes a day could get your child kindergarten-ready!

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Kids learn so fast, especially when they are very young. Spending 5 minutes a day or 45 minutes per week using ABC Mouse with your two- to six-year-old can help them prepare for school. Stanford University research indicates that kids whose parents read, sing, play, and teach their children are as much as three years ahead in math and two years ahead in English when they enter kindergarten.  The kids who are behind learn at the same rate as their peers, but they rarely catch up. The time to learn is now. 

With the KITS Program, you can get a free annual license for ABC Mouse for your two to five-year-old. You must work with them on the platform for at least 45 minutes weekly to keep the license. That 45 minutes could change their lives. 

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